The Workshop Creation Masterclass

Finally, a Complete System for Creating and Developing High Performance Workshops 

The first complete tried and tested system that enables you to create, develop and measure high performance workshops and training programs up to 60% faster than industry standards, and at a higher quality.

After certifying over 4,500 training professionals and had over 5 million people attend training programs using our strategies, testing in hundreds of markets and the toughest corporate environments on the planet...


Let Me Reveal My Step-by-Step Workshop Creation Formula and Help You Build One Super High Performance Program for Your Organization... Just 21 Days! 


If you want to build a training program that guarantees participants apply 100% of their learning and cut program creation and development time by up to DO NOT want to miss this MASTERCLASS...


What if you had a proven process that could simultaneously:


  • Take any subject matter and turn it into a high performance program

  • Drastically reduce the time you spend designing and developing your training programs

  • Guarantee that every participant was specifically engaged in their own unique learning style

  • Have the tools, templates and short cuts that Fortune 500 companies have access to, to make it all happen


Well, after 25 years and millions of people trained in over 50 countries... 


We have actually found a way to create what I call a 'High Performance Training Program'


And Right Now, You Can Get My Team AND I to Help You Build YOUR High Performance Training Program in This 21-Day Masterclass...



Hi, Catherine Mattiske here.


I'm the original CREATOR of the ID9 Intelligent Design process and The High Performance Learning Model, Founder of The Performance Company, and the author of 29 books ...


I've seen it time and time again ...


Training professionals struggling for days and weeks to design and develop their training programs. However, with the correct structure, guidance and the right tools I've seen them then transform their subject matter into exceptional training programs.

Kim Seeling Smith

Speaker and Consultant


"As the CEO of a small consulting business I have spent a lot of money on service providers of all kinds over the last 5 years. But none, and I mean none, have given me the value that Catherine and her team have given me. They have exceeded expectations in almost every way. They have helped me to take my "Mt. Everest" of IP and put it into courses that are more effective for participants and able to be delivered by others (freeing up my own time). But they have also consistently surprised me with well thought out ideas on how these courses can and should work together and supplement the other services my company offers. They provide instructional design, but what they deliver is so much more. "

I'm talking about a different type of training program...


...I'm talking about High Performance Learning programs.


A program that LEVERAGES the foundational DNA code of the best training programs to build a brand new 'High Performance Learning Program'.


I have been helping the top companies in the world for over 25 years now and have seen and tried every possible approach to developing training programs.


In fact, it was through experimenting with these approaches and combining them in different ways that I gradually developed...


The Ultimate Training Program Structure that Perfectly Balances All Learning Styles, Gets Maximum Engagement from All Participants and Guarantees that All Participants Who Take Any of My Designed Programs Apply 100% of their Learning Before they Leave the Program...


Now, we've put this perfect combination into a step-by-step process that anyone can follow. 


Which means YOU can build a High Performance workshop or learning program for yourself or your organization.


That's exactly what this Masterclass is all about.

I truly believe that EVERY training professional can create and design training programs that produce high performance learners.


And in so doing can change the culture of their organization...


...which then takes YOUR organization to the next level.


Look, here's the truth - 


If you aren't creating and developing great courses...'s probably because you don't have the tools, systemresources, 

and support that you need.


And unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there from gurus who are coming up with the next training tactic rather than actually getting results for clients!


That's not how we do things.


In fact, we are often so busy helping our clients get incredible results that we don't have time to share everything that's going on behind the scenes.


But this is TOO GOOD to hold back...


If You Are Ready To Build ONE Good Workshop That Changes The Game In 2019...I'd LOVE For You To Join Us In The Workshop Creation Masterclass...


...and I promise the IMPACT on your organization, yourself and the people you serve will be bigger and better than you ever thought possible.


THAT is what this is all about.


If you're up for the challenge, I'm committed to giving you exactly what you need to build your High Performance Learning Program.


Click the button below to join the Masterclass now - it's just $497 (Normally $1997 but because we are celebrating our 25th anniversary of being in business we are offering this special deal for a limited time).


You'll get INSTANT access to everything you need to get ready.


Are you in? 


Catherine Mattiske



Here's How it Works

The Workshop Creation Masterclass is created by Catherine Mattiske for training professionals. Each element has been tried and tested in the world's toughest commercial environments and now it is available to you. Here's what you get access to:

  • A Three Weeklong Proven Process

    We turned the guesswork of creating and building a training workshop into a science. Follow practical step-by-step instructions that are proven to work and track your progress using reliable metrics.

  • Digital Training

    This program comes with 47 video training sessions presented by Catherine Mattiske, split into 18 modules that covers every step you need from your training concept to finished workshop.

  • Real World Training Program

    During the program you will work step-by-step on your own project.  At the end of the course you should have produced a ready-to-train program.

  • Private Training Forum

    Interactive Facebook ID9 Hub that is monitored by our training experts in the ID9 Faculty.  Our most experienced ID9 instructional design experts will be on hand to answer your specific questions.

  • Exclusive Access to the ID9 Toolkit

    Along with the digital training you will have access to high value tools, resources, templates and materials that we have developed and refined over 25 years. These tools will save you days or even months of work and take your workshop creation to the next level.

Workshop Structure


Steps for Success

The ID9 Workshop Creation Masterclass has been structured into three clear sections. By completing each part you'll create your own workshop as you go, with confidence to produce high quality professional outcomes.

"I was stuck. I had an idea for a real estate workshop, but had no idea how to organize my thoughts. The ID9 process is so fast and easy, it's magic!"

Sandy G. Los Angeles


Pinpoint your expertize to create a workshop plan and launch it with a professional brochure


Use the toolkit to construct your workshop to maximize learning impact


Finish your design and launch with extensions to inspire and support





    Know how your expertize will transfer into a course, presentation or workshop


    Create an ID9 Blueprint to map your program foundation


    Using adult learning science, define how your expertise will benefit your audience


    Create your genius model and transform your knowledge and content into a logical flow


    Apply gap analysis tools to target the exact content to cover in your program


    Produce a flyer, brochure or outline to tell your audience what's in your program




    Transform your content into a logical pathway for participants to maximize their learning


    Add the critical elements that will maximise learning


    Balance your topics with the available learning time


    Cross-check all elements are included in the build


    Discover how to build each topic of your program for maximum impact


    Add inspiring elements for maximum engagement




    Plot the participant interaction: before, during and after


    Package everything required for launch, participants and support


    Create all participant facing materials


    Learn the keys to success for upload, and the secrets to amazing program delivery


    Create a delivery master list



    Implement winning follow-up and support strategies


  • Bonus 1 - ID9 Proven Toolkit and Templates

    You get access to the exact tools and templates we have created through thousands of hours of testing in real world environments. They are a critical component that sit behind a lot of what we do. These will save you countless hours and more importantly make sure you are going in the right direction.

  • Bonus 2 - Program Worksheets and Learning Journal

    These will ensure that you stay on track and get the most out of your learning.

  • Bonus 3 - "Activity Ideas" video

    This video will help spark the creative process and help you develop ideas and activities that really engage your workshop participants. 

This Workshop is Perfect for You If...

  • You're swamped with content and don't know where to begin...

  • Your courses are inconsistent and don't deliver their training objectives...

  • Your programs and workshops are not well attended...

  • You are taking too long to create and develop your programs...

  • Participants give you good feedback but weeks later you hear that the same issues are still a problem ...

  • You are outsourcing your training design and delivery but it's costing you a fortune...

  • You are finding that more and more people are having to be re-trained as they are not really applying their learning and then struggle when in real work situations...


Course Participants


Accredited Trainers


Companies Using ID9



Just a Few of the Clients Who Trust Us With their

Training Program Development


Don't just take our word for it, find out what our clients have to say. We place our highest value on the success of our clients and are always excited when they achieve the results they are after.

The Performance Company’s program on how to design effective and meaningful training is the best I have seen. It is detailed, thorough and exceeds expectations for content and process. 

Steve Todd

Amgen Senior Manager - Global Ops Training & Development

If you want to work with the best the only person to work with is Catherine Mattiske. She is the guru of trainers.

Jan Sky

CEO & Founder

I can attribute a lot of our organisational success to Catherine's training, coaching and mentorship. She has provided the team with fundamental skills and knowledge to ensure we are seen as a high performing training team.

Justin Craddock

Pfizer Australia

Catherine and her team at TPC developed and rolled out a solid 'Global Learning Toolkit' - an all encompassing set of processes, tools and templates based on a ID9, for the Reuters Learning teams across the globe.

Charles Jennings

Chief Learning Officer - Reuters

Catherine's expertise in the field of Training and Development along with her excellent facilitation skills help Amgen Sales and Marketing Training and Development build an internal foundational training and development certification process for incoming staff.

Lillian Legacy

Senior Manager - Training & Development - Amgen

Catherine is the best in the business, a trainer's trainer. From the train-the-trainer sessions to designing training courses no matter the topic, her product is top notch. Her coaching skills are highly effective and produce high-quality results.

Rose Whalen CPLP, PMP

Associate Director, Quality Management Operations - Genentech, San Francisco


The Workshop Creation Masterclass

To celebrate out 25th Anniversary we are giving training professionals this very special deal

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