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Hi, my name is Catherine Mattiske and welcome to ID9 Intelligent Design

In the next few minutes you are going to discover the High Performance Learning Model and how to create courses faster and with higher quality, using the principles I teach to learning and development professionals from all over the world.

I've put together this Free Mini Training Program showing you the four critical components I use when developing high performance training programs for Fortune 500 companies. You will also find out how to measure exactly where your participants are at before and after the training program.


With over thirty year's experience as a corporate trainer, my vision is to transform the corporate training market to make it easier and faster for training professionals to create high performance training programs that are more effective.


I have created the 9-step research-based, strategic learning design system known industry wide as ID9 Intelligent Design. It is a formula for success that ensures all adult learning styles are accommodated in every training program that is written.


“The net result is a significant cost saving for the organization and exceptional training program quality.” 


See you on the inside.





Fortune 500 companies all over the world are using ID9 Intelligent Design and the High Performance Model. I have also accredited 4,500 trainers in over 50 different countries. These principles and keys have been tested in some of the World's most challenging corporate environments.

Here's How it Works

The Driving High Performance Learning Mini-Course will give you a completely new way to approach creating and developing your training programs. You will learn:

  • The High Performance Learning Model

    As a result of years of research and experience I have invented the High Performance Learning Model. Discover how applying this one tool can change your entire approach to training.

  • Video training

    This free program comes with 9 short video training sessions, split into 4 key steps. You will be introduced to the foundations of the ID9 training system and guided through every step to implement the HPL Model for your organization.

  • Exclusive access to the ID9 toolkit

    Along with the video training you will have free access to the High Performance Learning Tool. This tool shows you how to assess your teams training performance and enables you to proactively support them to grow their performance.

  • ID9 Inner Circle Invite

    You'll be invited to join Catherine and her team of experts on her Flagship ID9 Inner Circle where you can get LIVE coaching and mentoring. You will be able to share your project, ask questions and receive specific guidance.

What Our Clients Say

Don't just take our word for it, find out what our clients have to say.

We place our highest value on the success of our clients and are always excited when they achieve the results they are after.

The Performance Company’s program on how to design effective and meaningful training is the best I have seen. It is detailed, thorough and exceeds expectations for content and process. 


Senior Manager – Global Ops Training & Development - Amgen

If you want to work with the best the only person to work with is Catherine Mattiske. She is the guru of trainers.

Jan Sky

CEO & Founder

I can attribute a lot of our organisational success to Catherine's training, coaching and mentorship. She has provided the team with fundamental skills and knowledge to ensure we are seen as a high performing training team.

Justin Craddock

Pfizer Australia

Driving High Performance Mini-Course

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